3’s bargaining team went to the table today and gave the state two proposals of high importance to our members. Today was the culmination of months of work on these compensation issues and we have made a clear case to the state that we expect action to ensure our members are treated fairly and respected as education professionals.

We proposed:

Coaching stipend: The coaching stipend at our three special schools—Schools for the Deaf in Fremont and Riverside and the School for the Blind in Fremont—has not been raised in over thirty years and is well below the standard for other public schools, as well as other schools for the deaf and blind across the country. We gave the state an engaging presentation that included viewing the Emmy-nominated ESPN documentary “Silent Night Lights” about the football program at the School for the Deaf in Fremont. We also brought in the coach featured in the documentary, Warren Keller, as a subject matter expert.

Salary Schedule: We submitted a comprehensive proposal to place all Unit 3 members of all classifications on a public school type range and step salary schedule where rates of pay are calculated on the basis of education and professional experience with no reference to geographical area. We had been building toward this proposal in previous meetings by presenting detailed statistical analysis and modeling.

Unit 3’s bargaining team returns to the table on May 10, where we will continue to press the state on compensation issues for our members.

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