As state workers fighting to win a good contract and a livable wage, we’ve used many tools to raise our profile and to make the challenges we face more public. They give resonance and impact to our demands for the State to respect us, protect us, and pay us!

Here are some recent examples of the media coverage we’ve earned:

Affordable housing is critical to solving homelessness – Capitol Weekly, August 8

California’s public health agency is filled with vacancies. Is it ready for the next pandemic? – Sacramento Bee, August 8 

Pay for the most common state worker jobs in Sacramento hasn’t kept up with inflation – Sacramento Bee, July 7

This California state worker union demanded 30% raises. See what the State offered instead – Sacramento Bee, June 29

State workers protest at California State Capitol to demand pay raises amid SEIU bargaining – Sacramento Bee, June 29

California deaf school workers can’t afford housing. They want unprecedented pay raises – Sacramento Bee, June 28

Government Staffing Vacancies Are Costing Lives – Newsweek, June 21

Juneteenth is a holiday in California, so why do state workers still need to request the day off? – KCRA-TV, June 19

California state workers should not be struggling to pay for the basics – CalMatters, April 25

For California state workers, stagnant wages erode stability of civil service jobs – Sacramento Bee, March 28