In the first day of bargaining unit-specific negotiations, the Unit 11 team—representing Engineering and Scientific Technicians— met with State representatives, propelled by a real focus on the demand for greater respect and increased pay that’s commensurate for the work they do.

Laying the groundwork for a successful contract for Unit 11 employees, Bargaining Unit 11 Chair Brad Willis described the unique work they perform for all Californians and the critical role they play. “We design, build and maintain the state’s major thoroughfares, we move the state’s water from north to south, provide medical testing support for public health, and much more.”

“Unit 11 is at a critical juncture,” added Willis. “Our job demands great technical expertise, but the State’s failure to recognize us with competitive wages and benefits finds us at extreme vacancy rates, causing unreasonable workloads.” With that as a prelude, the Unit 11 team will focus on the retention as well as recruitment of the skilled professionals necessary to provide these vital services. 

On April 17, our team reached a tentative agreement on three rollover articles: one that provides a substantial life insurance benefit for a range of Unit 11 employees (Article 9.18.11); one that provides ongoing Health and Safety education and training for Unit 11 (Article 10.5.11); and one that compels the State to report all cases to law enforcement involving assault and/or battery of Unit 11 prison employees or those performing inspections for the ARB or CDFA (Article 10.18.11).

“Rollovers” are articles that remain unchanged from the current language, and these agreements keep in place hard-won rights from previous contract campaigns.

Unit 11 returns to the table next week, on Monday, April 24. To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at

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