Having discretionary leave time for Unit 3 teachers, who work a rigid schedule, is important to maintain a work/life balance. Towards that goal, our team pushed hard for contract language that would grant that leave to our Professional Educators and Librarians.

Earlier today, the plight of Local 1000-represented employees was captured in a Sacramento Bee news report. Click here to read this compelling story, which includes one of our Unit 3 employees.

Today we worked on five different contract sections, and the State was unwilling to make any changes. We discussed a scheduling flexibility that’s reasonable and available to other units, and despite our efforts to find some latitude, our proposals were rejected. Ironically, our Unit 3 team has been bargaining this week during their contract-mandated vacation time.

Through a rollover agreement, we were able to preserve contract section 22.4.3, Personal Leave. In addition, other sections regarding leaves remained unchanged.

In all, we reached agreement on 21 different contract sections, all rollover language that maintains our previous contract wins:

  • 8.21.3       9-12, 10-12, and 11-12 Leave (Unit 3)
  • 8.28.3       Educational Leave (Unit 3)
  • 25.3.3       Educational Leave (Unit 3)
  • 25.5.3       Vacation/Annual Leave (Unit 3)
  • 22.4.3       Personal Leave Days – Special Schools (Unit 3)
  • 16.6.3       Special School Teacher Layoff (Unit 3)
  • 17.12.3     Retirement Systems: State Teachers’ Retirement System (STRS) and Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) (Unit 3)
  • 22.5.3       Extra Duty Assignment – Special Schools (Unit 3)
  • 23.1.3       Purpose (Unit 3)
  • 23.2.3       Academic Work Year (Unit 3)
  • 23.3.3       CDCR-DJJ Academic Calendar Annual Modification (Unit 3)
  • 23.4.3       Additional Instructional Assignments (Unit 3)
  • 23.5.3       Thirty (30) Day Summer Session Leave (Unit 3)
  • 23.6.3       Education Leave (Unit 3)
  • 23.7.3       Holidays (DJJ/CEA) (Unit 3)
  • 23.8.3       Vacation (Unit 3)
  • 23.9.3       Personal Necessity Leave (Unit 3)
  • 23.10.3     CDCR, DJJ, Academic Teacher/Vocational Instructor Salary Schedule (Unit 3)
  • 23.11.3     Credits for Salary Advancement (Unit 3)
  • 23.13.3     Bargaining Unit 3 Teacher Service Credit (Unit 3)

You can read the details of these and all current contract articles at contract.seiu1000.org 

Still outstanding: A number of proposals that affect our working conditions and our pay. Our contract expires Friday, and Unit 3 is on call to meet again on short notice. When there’s a bargaining session, you’ll read about it here first!

To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at seiu1000.org

Winning a good contract starts with you. Don’t just belong to the Union, participate.  Sign up for our Silent Protest March in Sacramento on June 29.