June 23, 2023

Article published on June 23, 2023

Local 1000 Reflects as Pride Day—June 28— Approaches

SEIU Local 1000’s Lavender Committee has stood in partnership with other SEIU locals and our International Lavender Caucus this month. At Pride Events from Long Beach to San Francisco, Sacramento to Oakland, and at other locations across the state, we are raising awareness and engaging with communities to fight the rising tide of political violence against the LGBTQ community.

Article Published on June 23, 2023

Local 1000 Sends Loud Message to the State at Los Angeles Rally

SEIU Local 1000 members met at the Ronald Reagan Building in Los Angeles to make sure our voice is heard by the State and to fight for a contract that addresses the chronic issues faced by workers across the state.

After news broke of the State negotiating team’s insulting offer of 6% over 3 years, our members converged on the building and picketed the entrance. Additionally, we sent a delegation representing the assembled members into the building and listened to speakers from across California discuss the crisis unfolding across the state.

Article published on June 23, 2023

Your Right to Take Action

We are sitting down with the State and negotiating a contract that respects, protects, and pays every member of the state’s workforce. After receiving the State’s unacceptably low counter-offer, we are focused on ensuring our members’ needs are met. We are making a serious demand at the table, so we need the support of workers across the state in all of our represented units. State workers need to know their rights to stand up and tell the State that this offer will not stand.

Article Published on June 23, 2023

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Across the country, state workers are suffering from the same issues as California state workers. Low pay, attrition, and vacancies are impacting working families as they grapple with rising costs of living. But the impacts don’t end with the workers but with the people who depend on the services they provide. From Maine to California, services that the public relies on are degraded by these policy choices, costing lives.