The SEIU Local 1000 bargaining team has been working tirelessly to negotiate a fair contract for our represented workers, and those efforts were directly reflected in their actions today. In our fourth master table bargaining session this week, our team heard the calls of our members and held firm by passing our demand for a general salary increase of 18.75% over three years back to the State.

The team also reached agreement on no less than 12 separate contract sections. This is of vital importance, as each of our hundreds of previous contract agreements must be reviewed and agreed upon once again, to ensure that our hard-earned rights remain strong.

Among the notable agreements settled today was 10.xx – Sharps Disposal. “The 10.xx – Sharps Disposal tentative agreement is a huge win for our workers and our fellow Californians,” said Eric Murray, Bargaining Unit 15 Chair. “We’ve been talking to the State for years about the need for this basic safety item to protect everyone that frequents state sites. This especially applies to our custodial workers, who often have to clean up dirty needles that have not been properly disposed. With the implementation of this article, the State will now be required to provide sharps containers in restrooms.”

The entire list of sections we reached agreement on today are as follows:

  • 5.7 – Non-discrimination
  • 5.8 – Sexual Harassment
  • 8.17 – Mentoring Leave
  • 9.6 – Pre-Tax of Health and Dental Premiums Costs
  • 9.7 – Pre-Retirement Death Continuation of Benefits
  • 9.9 – Presumptive Illness
  • 10.xx – Sharps Disposal
  • 11.4 – Timely Payment of Wages
  • 11.5 – Scheduled Wage Increase Pursuant to Labor Code 1182.12
  • 11.9 – Bilingual Differential Pay
  • 19.27 – Special Schools Calendar
  • 21.1 – Telecommute/Telework Program (Excludes Unit 17)

You can read more about these and all of our current contract sections in our online, mobile-friendly search tool.

While unit-specific bargaining sessions are being scheduled on a day-to-day basis, we’ll return to the master table on Monday, August 7. When there’s activity at the table, we’ll email and post the results, often on the same day. Click here to read all the recaps of bargaining activity.

As Local 1000 works to bargain a successful contract, we’ve escalated our actions to make our demand to be respected, protected, and paid.

We’ve also launched the Local 1000 Hot Union Summer Pickets Campaign, with a target of 1,000 informational pickets at worksites across the state. They’re happening every day, and here’s how you can help:

Join your fellow SEIU Local 1000 members to show support for bargaining by hosting or participating in an informational picket at your worksite! Help us win a good contract, and help us reach our goal of 1,000 Pickets by August 14. Click here for more information or to start your own informational picket. For a list of upcoming pickets throughout California, please click here