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Alfredo Cortez, Chair of the Custodian JLMC is a custodian with Department of General Services (DGS) at Front Street in San Diego. Over Alfredo’s thirteen years in state service he’s stepped up to lead as a Steward and as DBUR for DLC 701 with the BUNC. Alfredo’s primary goals for this committee are to work with the State to create better morale for the Custodian classification and to continue to address issues Custodians are facing. Alfredo is working to make sure departments are following through on their policies for Custodians. Alfredo has been a leader of our Union for a long time and a leader of this JLMC since 2014 where he successfully addresses issues for Custodians. Leading this JLMC makes Alfredo proud to be a member leader of our Union.

Michael Hendrix is a Custodian for the CHP Academy. Michael has worked in state service for thirteen years and throughout this time Michael has stepped up as a leader in our Union as a Steward, BUNC member and also served on the Upward Mobility JLMC and the Veterans Committee. Michael sees the primary goals for this JLMC to be to address issues related to the MOU for Unit 15 statewide and locally; as well as to educate, inform and engage fellow members to participate in our Union. Michael is working to address essential pay, workplace issues, proper training, safety, uniforms and issues with the shoe allowance. Michael participates in this JLMC because he believes as a member of SEIU being involved is making a difference to assist other members with issues and concerns that may arise at their work place. Participating in this JLMC makes Michael proud to choose to be in our Union because this JLMC can take action to address and resolve issues with effective results that benefit members of SEIU.

Efrain “Frank” Higuera is a Custodian for CalPIA at CDCR California Institution for Men (CIM) for the Hospital Facilities Maintenance program (HFM) and has worked in state service for five years. Frank recently stepped up to become a Steward to address issues for HFM Custodians and is now part of the Statewide Custodian JLMC. Frank hopes to address disinformation that seems to happen among the Custodian classification and the lack of representation for Custodians statewide and also hopes to help create a better uniform policy for the Custodian classification. Frank is proud to know he is not alone in this fight and that there are other Union members to stand with who are striving to create better working conditions and better pay for the Custodian classification. 

Karen Maddox-Long is a Custodian for DGS at worksite 320 4th Street in Los Angeles and has worked in state service for thirteen years, stepping up to become a Steward in September of 2021. Karen’s primary goals for the Custodian JLMC are to address essential pay considering all the hard work Custodians have done over the past two years. The biggest issues for Karen are to address better pay, dignity at work and respect from management. Karen volunteered to be a member of this JLMC because she felt it was time to get involved on a deeper level with our Union and to stand with her brothers and sisters in the fight. Karen is proud to be a part of something that is helping the working class be able to take care of their families.

Eric Murray, Bargaining Unit 15 Chair.
Molly Chlebnikow
, SEIU Local 1000 Contract Dpt. Staff assigned to Unit 15.