Unit 14 Bargaining Update for Friday, August 9th, 2019
Unit 14 Bargaining Team Signs Tentative Agreement for Graphic Designer Classification Study


Local 1000’s Unit 14 bargaining team capped a good day at the negotiation table on Friday, August 9, with a tentative agreement (TA) to conduct a Classification Study for its Graphic Designers. This victory represents an important step towards bringing the class specifications into the 21st century and to winning a new contract.

The Unit 14 team secured language that commits the state to conducting the study. Most importantly, this includes language that allows Local 1000 to submit our own recommendations based on the results of the study if there is a disagreement with the recommendations. In addition, the state agreed that the classification review process is subject to the grievance process.

“We were able to win a TA on a class study that I think will be beneficial to our graphic designers and the whole unit,” said Robert Vega, Unit 14 chair. “We negotiated something with teeth, so I’m confident this will make a difference.”

The Local 1000s bargaining teams are asking you to join them at the Capitol Ally on August 13 to show our collective power. Call 866.471.7348 (SEIU) to RSVP.