Unit 17 Bargaining Update for Wednesday, August 7th, 2019
Unit 17 Bargaining Team Protects Professional Development; Fights for Appropriate RN Supervision and Appraisal Process


Local 1000’s Unit 17 bargaining team returned to the negotiation table with the state on August 6, 2019, and was able to sign off on a number of tentative agreements that preserved previous victories important to Unit 17 nurses.   

One tentative agreement (TA) from the current contract preserves professional development opportunities. The TA, Paid Educational Leave, allows state nurses to earn the necessary Continuing Education Units required to maintain their licensure as a registered nurse.

This continuing education requirement from the Board of Registered Nursing ensures that registered nurses (RNs) keep up with the latest developments and remain competent in their field to continue practicing. This protects patients and allows nurses to develop their knowledge and skills. This provision also allows RNs to meet the state’s continuing education requirements without a loss of wages in order to renew their license.

In addition, state negotiators responded to a Unit 17 proposal related to performance appraisals and RN supervision that fell short of what the team was trying to accomplish. The proposal was meant to address inappropriate supervision to ensure RNs are appropriately supervised and their performance appraisals are done by Supervising RNs. However, Unit 17 believes the response doesn’t go far enough.

Kim Cowart, Unit 17 chair said, “This proposal strengthens contract language concerning who can supervise Unit 17 RNs and would improve the current process and ensure that those supervising and appraising RNs are familiar with the skills and competencies of our profession.”

Unit 17 is scheduled to return to the table on Friday, August 9.