Retirement Security for All


Retirement Security for All

California is on the verge of a retirement crisis: With what is already one of the highest poverty rates among seniors in the nation, more than six million Californians have no access to a workplace retirement plan and are in danger of retiring to significantly diminished lifestyles. Nearly half of California’s working population is headed toward retirement into poverty.

What kind of communities will California have if millions of seniors are working themselves into the grave or are unable to support themselves? It could very well resemble the era before the passage of the Social Security Act when half of retirees were completely dependent upon relatives for basic survival and the indigent were consigned to government-run poor houses. So even young workers and families will struggle to provide for aging family members who have no retirement savings to fall back on.

Article Yvonne R. Walker

States should step in to offer retirement options

Barbara Williams is a former aerospace worker in California who lost her piece of the American dream when that industry downsized. She lost her job, benefits and hope for a dignified retirement.

Now, at age 66, Barbara works as an early childhood education provider — an occupation that provides more emotional gratification than wages and benefits. Without access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, Barbara and more than 6 million other Californians will face the choice of retiring into poverty or working until death.


Local 1000 endorses Theresa Taylor for CalPERS board

Long-time activist is committed to retirement security

Longtime Local 1000 DLC 786 president Theresa Taylor, who has been active in every major Local 1000 campaign in the past decade, has announced her candidacy for an open seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.


Secure Choice Retirement program draws national focus

Members show support through personal testimony

The Local 1000-backed retirement security for all efforts in California are drawing national attention as other states work to develop a plan to help avert a retirement crisis among private sector workers. Members of the Secure Choice Retirement Savings Investment Board, including Local 1000 President Yvonne R. Walker were briefed May 27 about how Maryland, Illinois and Connecticut have joined California and Oregon in adopting legislation to study setting up a private sector retirement savings plan.


Fighting for better jobs in our communities

Members help low wage workers organize

Local 1000 members advanced our fight to grow the middle class and protect all workers from the race to the bottom by participating in a global wave of strikes and protests on May 15 in 150 cities across the US and 33 additional countries on six continents.”As someone who cares about where our economy is headed and what kind jobs are being created in my neighborhood–this is my fight,” said Beth Snyder, a steward at the Department of State Hospitals who attended actions in Sacramento.