September 9, 2022

Article Published on september 9, 2022

Bargaining Team Proposes a More Realistic and Respectful Essential Worker Pay Package

Our Local 1000 Bargaining Team—led by Irene Green, Vice President for Bargaining—returned to the table with the State on September 1 to present an Essential Worker Pay (EWP) proposal that more appropriately rewards our represented employees for their efforts to provide vital services in truly dangerous public-facing working conditions that continue as this pandemic persists.

Our new proposal is for a one-time payment of $6,000 for all eligible employees represented by Local 1000 regardless of whether they were teleworking or in person.

Article Published on september 9, 2022

In this week’s Capitol Weekly: The Workplace has Changed Forever, and the Public Sector Lags.
An op-ed by Board Chair Bill Hall and VP for Bargaining Irene Green

As much as we all might yearn for everything to go back to just the way it was before the novel coronavirus uprooted the world, we know that there are things that can never go back.

Workplaces have forever been changed.

The advent of remote work, the effect of the Great Resignation in which workers asserted a new sense of mobility, a surge in retirements, the years of strain and burnout endured by the essential workers who got us through the worst of it – these things and more have forged a new reality. Workplaces must adapt.

Article Published on september 9, 2022

2023 Contract Campaign T-Shirt Design Contest
$250 Cash Prize to the Winner!

We bargain for a new contract in 2023, and preparations are already underway as we build a stronger, more cohesive Union to ensure we get the wages, benefits, and working conditions we deserve. This cycle, we’re offering our members an opportunity to participate in a different way, by designing a t-shirt that can become a unifying look for all of us to proclaim that we’re Stronger Together.

Ready to show off your creativity and SEIU Local 1000 pride? Then you need to enter the 2023 Contract Campaign T-Shirt Design Contest to have your design featured!

Article Published on september 9, 2022

Recommended Reads: Union power and popularity the highest in decades

This week we bring you labor perspectives from the world at large and from our own leaders. Our recommendations bring you news and opinion from the labor world at large.

Across America, unions are growing—the biggest increase the labor movement has experienced in 40 years. This fascinating Washington Post article tells us what’s different now, and what’s the same.  Join @SEIU1000 today to help us win a stronger contract and retirement security

Article Published on september 9, 2022

Our DLC Tour Continues: Listening to You Where You Work

With contract negotiations less than a year away, SEIU Local 1000 leaders are traveling across the state to meet with our represented employees and to talk about the importance of membership. At the same time, they’re listening to the concerns of state workers and answering their questions.

At virtually every stop, we’ve welcomed new members to the Local 1000 family. To name just a few: Xochitil Gomez, Jaspers Singh, John Delano, Gabriela Inoceida, Morean Erika, and Jeremiah Esacanmilla.