Our Unit 1 bargaining team, which includes professional, administrative, staff and financial  occupations, met with state negotiators on Monday, July 8, to tell their own stories about the work that they do and the value it brings to the residents of California each and every day.

Based on the bargaining surveys, town halls, and worksite meetings the Unit 1 bargaining team received and analyzed, the team developed three key areas of focus for the Unit: workplace safety, workload, and value for our work. In today’s session, our Unit 1 bargaining team focused on value for our work.

To highlight a few presentations, Personnel Specialists play a key role in all our lives as they process our pay, benefits and track our time.  Many Personnel Specialists carry a roster of over 600 state employees.  Insurance Rate Analysts help protect us from excessive insurance rates and ensure insurance providers have responsible business practices.  And, our Health Program Auditors are making sure all Medi-cal dollars are spent on patient care and not illegally used by medical providers.

Unit 1 Bargaining Chair, Susan Rodriguez, shared that “All the presentations were compelling and made me proud to have our Unit 1 members as lead representatives for their co-workers during this bargaining cycle.”

Unit 1 members gave 12 presentations led by subject matter experts and submitted 13 special salary adjustment proposals that reflected their unique challenges and critical responsibilities in serving all Californians.

The day included subject matter expert presentations from:

  • Hearing Reporter
  • Hearing Reporter PUC
  • District Sales Representatives
  • Route Sales Representatives
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Technicians
  • Insurance Rate Analysts
  • Health Program Auditors
  • Correctional Case Records Analysts
  • Television Specialists
  • Investment Officers
  • State Historians
  • Personnel Specialists
  • Driver Safety Hearing Officers

Throughout the day Local 1000 members from our largest unit gave a voice and put a face on their job titles. Workers told their own stories and state negotiators were reminded that the people who sat across from them at the table are more than just numbers on a page — they are the people who make California work.

Unit 1 returns to the bargaining table on July 15th and will continue with presentations on unit and classification specific issues that were raised through bargaining surveys and town halls.