On Thursday July 25, 2019, Unit 1 went back to the table with state negotiators to advance more proposals that prioritize fair compensation and economic justice for all Unit 1 members.

Today our Unit 1 team presented a proposal that would:

  • Increase and expand our out-of- state differential for Unit 1 employees so that workers who are headquartered out of state and/or have to travel more than 50 percent of the time for their job will be fairly compensated.

The team also proposed the following differentials:

  • An Unmanned Aerial System (Drone) differential that would provide additional money for Unit 1 workers who operate drones for the state of California.
  • A salary adjustment for Unit 1’s Examiner in Barbering and Cosmetology in order to round out the top step of the classification. This would be in addition to any general salary increase received in the new contract.

Unit 1’s bargaining team also proposed to revise the language related to the unit’s Recruitment and Retention Task Force to ensure it is separate from the state’s Civil Service Improvement Project.

Members at worksites all over the state took action yesterday by calling and texting the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Labor Relations Officer during their morning break to express support for the proposals made by the bargaining team in addition to pushing EDD to recognize and address workload issues and a stagnant salary range for workers.

The Unit 1 bargaining team continues to fight for fair compensation for all of its unit members because the people who make California work deserve to be valued by the state. “Our workers are showing support for the proposals we have presented to the state,” said Irene Green, alternate vice chair for Unit 1. “Now it’s time for us to stand up and be heard at our August 13th rally.”

Unit 1 returns to the table on Monday, July 29, 2019.