Solving the economic challenges facing our represented employees was the clear, top priority we learned in our bargaining town halls and from thousands of surveys. We have, and will, continue to respond with proposals that advance us. And yet, the State remains largely unresponsive.

“The State isn’t engaging, they’re not answering our demand for solutions to our most pressing contract issue: an increase in wages that respects the commitment and contribution of state workers,” said Irene Green, Local 1000 Vice President for Bargaining. “Our team is beyond frustrated because the State isn’t giving us anything to work with or respond to.”

And yet, our team keeps pressing the State for answers. Just weeks after proposing a 30% pay raise over three years and 100%paid health care premiums, we today presented 11 different proposals covering a wide range of pay issues. Chief among them: a $30/hour wage minimum for all represented employees; an increase in travel and business reimbursement; an expansion of GeoPay to most California counties; a longevity differential of up to 12% that rewards time in state service, and a new differential for weekend work.

  • 11.8 – Night Shift Differential (Excludes Units 14, 15, 17, and 21)
                (increased the amount now calculated as a percentage of wages)
  • 11.11 – Union Management Committee on State Payroll System
                 (continues and strengthens a JLMC to advise Controller on payroll system changes.  This JLMC will be important given the State’s intention of overhauling its payroll system over the next few years.)
  • 11.15 – State Special Schools Ten-Month Compensation Agreement (Units 4, 15, 17, and 20)                  (changes and additions to a number of pay and scheduling issues)
  • 11.16 – Geographic Pay Differential
                 (expands GeoPay to most CA counties by aligning with federal guidelines)
  • 11.X – Weekend Differential
    ​             (adds 5% to base pay for regularly scheduled weekend hours)
  • 11.XXX – Longevity Pay
                      (establishes a 5%-12% differential based on years in state service)
  • 11.XXXX – $30/hr Minimum Wage
                        (sets a minimum wage for all represented employees)
  • 12.1 – Business and Travel Expenses
                (increases reimbursement rates to match federal guidelines)
  • 12.4 – Commute Program
                 (increases reimbursement rate to 100%)
  • 12.14 – Professional Dues (Excludes Units 17 and 21)
    ​              (doubles reimbursement to $100)
  • 21.4 – Call Centers
                  (adds a $150 differential per pay period for all employees engaged in call center duties as defined)

Our Master Table bargaining team also proposed to “rollover” these thirteen contract sections, which additionally illustrate our commitment to Pay Us! and Respect Us! These confirm and continue a range of previously-won economic protections as well as four sections governing our career development and performance.

  • 12.2 – Moving and Relocation Expenses
  • 12.3 – Parking Rates
  • 12.5 – Transportation Incentives
  • 12.7 – State Owned Housing
  • 12.10 – Damaged or Destroyed Personal Property (Excludes Unit 17)
  • 12.13 – Tools, Business Equipment, Materials and Supplies (Excludes Units 17 and 21)
  • 12.15 – Reimbursement of Fees (Excludes Units 17)
  • 12.28 – Pre-Tax Commuting Expense
  • 12.29 – Bike or Walk to Work Program
  • 13.2 – Personal Performance Session (Excludes Unit 17)
  • 13.3 – Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Excludes Units 17 and 21)
  • 13.5 – Individual Development Plan
  • 13.6 – Performance Appraisal of Permanent Employees (Excludes Units 3, 17, and 21)

Today’s meeting was largely one-way: none of our 24 different proposals today elicited a response, and dozens more await an answer from the State. Tentative agreement was reached on a single contract section, 10.11 – Hazardous Materials (Excludes Unit 17).

You can read the details of these and all current contract articles at

Our next Master Table session is scheduled for May 24, as we continue the fight to win a contract that Respects Us, Protects Us, and Pays Us. To read about what happened in all our bargaining sessions to date, please visit the Contract Action Center page at

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