The Educational Consultants, Specialists, Archivists, and Librarians represented by Local 1000—Bargaining Unit 21—went to the table with the State on April 17 for the first day of negotiations on unit-specific issues.

Respect Us! was the focus of this inaugural session. “Unit 21 employees are professionals with a special kind of expertise and deserve a contract that’s respectful of their commitment and contributions to the education of California’s youth,” said Bargaining Unit 21 Chair Bobby Roy.

“We are essential and every essential worker deserves to be respected, protected, and paid accordingly,” they added.

Unit 21 presented eight contract articles to the State for “rollover,” signaling our desire that the existing language remains unchanged, keeping in place the hard-won rights from previous contract campaigns.

These eight “rollovers” all govern working conditions. Bargaining Chair Bobby Roy underscored two of these as exemplars of Respect Us! “15.4.21, Employee Opportunity Transfer, is important to Unit 21 since there are not as many opportunities for career advancement for our professionals, so we embrace new challenges via career mobility. 19.1.21, Hours of Work, is a priority to those Unit 21 members in Work Week Group 2 because it acknowledges and respects their work/life balance.”

  • 12.13.21 – Tools, Business Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
  • 14.4.21 – Duty Statements, Post Orders, and Work Instructions
  • 15.4.21 – Employee Opportunity Transfer 
  • 19.1.21 – Hours of Work
  • 19.16.21 – Shift Change 
  • 19.28.21 – Reduced Work Time
  • 19.29.21 – Release Time for Commercial Driver’s License Examination 
  • 21.24.21 – Job-Related Conferences and Conventions

You can read the details of these and all current contract articles at

Unit 21 returns to the table next week, on Monday, April 24. To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at

There’s real truth to the Local 1000 slogan, Stronger Together. We only win a great contract with a strong Local 1000 membership. So, if you’re not already a member, we encourage you to join us today.