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Statement: Shooting Death of Stephon Clark

We stand with the men and women demanding answers to the shooting death of Stephon Clark. Part of our mission is to ensure our members and the public live in safe communities. That’s why it is crucial to understand why lethal force was used on an unarmed man and how we prevent this from happening again.


Statement: President Yvonne R. Walker on Jeff Sessions’ Lawsuit

Immigrants are a vibrant and vital part of California. They are part of our history and our future. They are our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family. They make our state stronger through their countless contributions to our economy and shared culture.

We will not allow Attorney General Jeff Sessions to intimidate and threaten our families. We have a message for Sessions: We will never back down.  We will always fight for ALL California families. We are stronger together.



February 26th National Day of Action — Media Coverage

NY Times: Striking a Blow for the Big Guys
There is no escaping it: The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. One-quarter of American workers make less than $10 per hour, a wage well below the current poverty level. The top 1 percent have an average net worth of $26.4 million, and on top of that, they take home $1.5 million annually.


A message from President Yvonne R. Walker

Throughout months of candidate forums, town hall meetings and videoconferences, we joined thousands of SEIU members across the state in meeting face-to-face with candidates for governor and engaged with them on issues affecting our jobs, our families and our communities.

Politics matter, and we want to ensure that whomever we support for governor is the best partner in improving the lives of state workers and all Californians.


Statement from President Yvonne R. Walker on the State of the Union Address

During a time when our leaders should be focused on strengthening the middle class, President Trump’s State of the Union centered on his only legislative accomplishment: a tax break for billionaires and corporations. The truth is, the Trump administration has done nothing to help families put food on the table, pay for college, receive affordable health care or retire with dignity.


Statement from President Yvonne R. Walker on Tragic Loss of Fellow Member, Si Si Han

Our SEIU Local 1000 family is mourning the loss of one of our own, Si Si Han, because of a tragic workplace accident. Not only did she serve our state with distinction for 10+ years, she was also a wife, mother, and friend to so many of us. Our deepest condolences go out to Si Si’s family, coworkers and all those who knew her.


Governor Brown signs bill allowing Judicial Council employees right to unionize

For Immediate Release

Jerry Jimenez
Communications Director
SEIU Local 1000
(916) 554-1215

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Governor Brown signed a bill last night that will allow Judicial Council employees the right to join a union.

AB 83 (Santiago), The Judicial Council Employer-Employee Relations Act, is sponsored by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1000.


Statement from President Yvonne R. Walker and SEIU Local 1000 in defense of DACA and solidarity with Dreamers

SEIU Local 1000 stands in solidarity with Dreamers and in defense of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Their fight is our fight.

Through DACA, 800,000 Dreamers have taken their place in our communities without fear of reprisal.

The current administration’s decision to end DACA is an attack on the American Dream and on hardworking families who aspire to achieve it.

They are college students and workers who make countless contributions as they pursue the American Dream. This is the only home they know.

Publication Letter to the Editor - Sacramento Bee

IT workers
Re “Tech workers are fleeing state government. Would raises tempt them to stay?”

(State Worker, Aug. 4): Adam Ashton’s 4 article shines a much-needed light on a chronic problem. State IT workers and managersare underpaid no less than 30 percent compared to their peers in county and federal governments. One in five state IT workers left for private lucrative opportunities. I fault elected officials and CalHR for failing to develop and implement an effective and transparent strategic plan for attracting and retaining a skilled IT Workforce.


Statement on Charlottesville, VA Events

We condemn in the strongest terms the violent and hateful actions by white supremacists this past weekend in Charlottesville, VA. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

The beliefs and acts of these bigoted domestic terrorists run directly opposed to the values of our union – inclusion, respect and equality. We thank our national, state and local leaders who have spoken out and stand with us against those who seek to divide us with hateful rhetoric and acts of violence. This is not the time to remain silent.

We are stronger together.

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Report reveals state spent $2.5 billion on third-party IT contracts
Reforms could save California more than $700 million per year


July 26, 2017

Jerry Jimenez
SEIU Local 1000 Communications Director
(916) 554-1215


Press release

Governor signs SEIU Local 1000 contract


Jerry Jimenez
Communications Director
SEIU Local 1000

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Governor Jerry Brown today signed Senate Bill 28 (Pan), the bill authorizing the Memorandum of Understanding between the state and SEIU Local 1000, the union representing 96,000 employees, about 40% of the state’s workforce.


I’m a nurse. And I’m terrified of what Republicans are planning to do to Medicaid.

Republicans are proposing to repeal healthcare and gut Medicaid, a scary proposition for Rita Lewis, a public health nurse and member of our union.

When she was in nursing school, she relied on Medicaid to cover the prenatal care and deliveries of her two children and worries for the countless patients she’s cared for in her 25 years of nursing, “I know firsthand that seniors, children, veterans, and individuals with disabilities could not gain a foothold on a healthy life without it.”

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State’s unlawful conduct triggers strike
Local 1000 announces December 5th as strike day

Contact: Mike Roth

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – SEIU Local 1000 members gave the state notice today that they will strike on Monday, Dec. 5 in protest of the state’s unlawful conduct and egregious unfair labor practices during contract bargaining.

Press release

Local 1000 members authorize strike
Good faith bargaining, gender pay equity at stake

Following on the heels of a CalHR report that raised the alarm on gender pay equity in California State employment, members of SEIU Local 1000, the largest state union representing 95,000 state workers, have voted with an overwhelming 92% ‘Yes’ vote to authorize any and all concerted actions, up to and including a strike, in support of contract negotiations.


Governor Brown’s Signature on SB 1234 (De León) Marks Biggest Expansion of Retirement Opportunity in Generations

Sacramento, CA – Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in California praised California’s leadership in establishing a voluntary retirement savings plan for millions of private-sector, home-based and self-employed workers.   The Secure Choice plan signed into law today by Governor Jerry Brown will make more than seven million Californians eligible to save for retirement through payroll deductions, with accounts that follow them throughout their working years.  


California School for the Deaf (CSD) families, faculty demand leadership resignation

State Superintendent Tom Torlakson cited for ignoring crisis at California School for the Deaf: Culture of fear and retaliation results in declining enrollment and high staff turnover.

Action scheduled for Friday, Aug. 19


Assembly Appropriations Committee Strikes Blow Against Elder Poverty, Moves Forward with Secure Choice Retirement for Private Sector Workforce

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement today after the Assembly Appropriations Committee passed SB 1234 (De León). The bill would implement a new retirement investment plan that would help alleviate a looming epidemic of poverty among California seniors by providing a way for private sector workers to save for retirement through automatic paycheck contributions.

Yvonne R. Walker, President, SEIU Local 1000 said:


SEIU Local 1000 Vice President Tamekia N. Robinson appointed to California Pay Equity Task Force

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - SEIU Local 1000, the largest union of California state employees, is proud to announce that the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) has appointed SEIU 1000 Vice President for Organizing/Representation Tamekia N. Robinson to the California Pay Equity Task Force.

The task force is charged with exploring the issue of gender pay equity by engaging diverse interests and facilitating ongoing dialogue between employees, employers, policymakers and other stakeholders on this critical economic issue.


SEIU endorses Hillary Clinton for president
SEIU Local 1000 members: Clinton supports our movement to build a better future for working families

VIDEO: Watch SEIU members speak about why they support Hillary Clinton

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA—After members conducted a rigorous endorsement process for the past several months, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, calling her a leader who will stand up for the working moms and dads building a movement to secure a better future for their families.