Career Mobility


Career Mobility

Career Mobility is your tool for success

Welcome to Local 1000’s Career Mobility page. We have provided you with resources to enhance your knowledge and abilities, as well as improve your skills, when interviewing and testing for new positions in state service.

This page is designed to help you along in your job search and lead you to new opportunities in hundreds of departments up-and-down the state of California.

Passing Probation

One of the first items that our members think about when they join state service is probation. The probationary period is an important time for you to demonstrate the type of employee you are and will continue to be throughout your career at the state.

Please review the information provided on probationary practices. If you have any concerns about your probationary period or status, it is important that you contact our union as soon as possible. It is important to not take a “wait and see” approach when it comes to questions about your probation. 

Our union has decades of experience in supporting our members in starting a successful career in state service. If you have questions, need support or advice please contact local workplace steward or the Union Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348).

Find a New Position in State Service

State employees have a variety of avenues for career advancement. You can take a statewide or departmental examination and get placed on an eligibility list. Once you have taken an exam and been placed on an eligibility list, you may be able to view how many people have applied for the same position by clicking here.

You may also be eligible to receive Veteran’s Preference Points if you meet certain criteria. Veteran’s preference points apply to open civil service examinations for classifications that do not require both college graduation and two or more years of experience. For additional information on Veteran’s Preference Points and how to apply for them click here.

In addition, persons with disabilities are eligible to participate in LEAP (Limited Examination and Appointment Program). LEAP provides an alternative way to demonstrate qualifications for employment other than the transitional state civil service examination. For more information on LEAP click here.

You may also be able to transfer into a different classification without taking an exam. We recommend that people who are interested in finding a position to transfer into begin by checking the Transfer Calculator found on the CalHR website. You can find information on vacant positions at VPOS.