Freedom Foundation


Who is the Freedom Foundation?


Who is the Freedom Foundation? Why are they pushing for people to drop their union membership?

They are trying to defund unions and  weaken our political power

They are largely funded by out-of-state, right-wing billionaires


Union Difference
We Have a Choice – Stand Together or Stand Alone

I choose to stand together

I choose to Stand Alone

and suffer from the consequences of the attacks on our wages, our benefits and public services by organizations like the Freedom Foundation. 

  • Americans for Prosperity states simply:  “The federal government has already provided an unprecedented level of assistance to state and local governments. More federal bailouts of state and local governments should be rejected.”
  • watch my average pay go down.  
    • Workers in “Right-to-Work” states make $6,109 less per year than their counterparts in collective bargaining states. State workers in Wisconsin have not been allowed to negotiate a salary increase of more than 2% total for the last seven years.
  • see our political power weaken so I don’t have a union to fight legislation that cuts my benefits. 
    • Members in Wisconsin saw an immediate 24% cutback to their benefits with the passage of anti-union legislation in 2010. Workers in Wisconsin have lost the right to negotiate over benefits, retirement, and working conditions.
  • Without a union:
    • Employers act unchecked, lowering wages and cutting benefits
    • State legislatures are free to pass laws that shift costs to working people, erode voting rights, and exempt corporations from paying their fair share.