Unit 3: Professional Educators and Librarians


Unit 3
Professional Educators & Librarians

You can get in touch with any BU3 DBUR by contacting your DLC president or calling the Member Resource Center, 866.471.7348

Unit 3 includes teachers, specialists and librarians working in the: California Military Department (one worksite), Department of Rehabilitation (one worksite), Department of State Hospitals (five worksites), Department of Developmental Services (five worksites), California Department of Education (six worksites), CDCR Division of Juvenile Justice (five worksites), CDCR Division of Adult Institutions (thirty four worksites)


Bargaining Unit 3 OCE Academic Calendar_2023-24

Bargaining Unit 3 members of SEIU Local 1000 met with State representatives twice in the month of December 2022 to confer on the proposed 2023-2024 Academic Calendar for the teachers in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Office of Correctional Education (OCE).


Update on the Relaunch of Unit 3’s 5.19.3 Committee

The SEIU Local 1000 Bargaining Unit (BU) 3 Team held our first meeting with the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) of our Classification and Compensation Joint Labor Management Committee (Article 5.19.2 of our Contract) on March 9 2022, and used our first meeting as an opportunity to lift up some long-term concerns we have that impact our BU 3 educators at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations’ Office of Correctional Education (OCE). 


Supervisor Duties Dumped on HFENs

Health Facilities Evaluator Nurses (HFENs) have been working non-stop to ensure that health facilities follow State and Federal laws to protect the public.  This has been an especially hard task given that the pandemic has made health facilities an area of great concern.  


California Department of Education (CDE) School Reopenings

Our Union met with CDE regarding the plan to reopen our special schools and diagnostic centers for in-person learning and assessments. We had a number of concerns about safely reopening and advocated that schools should complete the year with distance learning and reopen for in-person learning in the fall.

Unfortunately, after four sessions, we were unable to move the State to our position. The schools will be reopening to serve day students in-person based upon the schedule previously provided to staff.


CDCR CCHCS Entrance Screening Process

On February 4, 2021, our Union met with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) to meet and confer over the implementation of the institutional entrance screening policy at each institution throughout the state.


Statewide CDCR CCHCS Health & Safety Grievance
SEIU Local 1000 filed a health and safety grievance on behalf of all members in CDCR/CCHCS due to the department’s violation of our contract.

On July 28, 2020 SEIU Local 1000 filed a health and safety grievance on behalf of all members in CDCR/CCHCS due to the department’s violation of our contract.

CDCR CCHCS violated our contract by requiring employees to work where an immediate and recognizable threat exists to their health and safety. The department also continues to expose our members to an unsafe work environment, resulting in COVID-19 outbreaks, by continuing to allow inmate movement and not fully enforcing all health and safety guidelines.


Bilingual Differential Increase Implementation

For the first time in 42 years, we were able to increase the Bilingual Pay Differential to $200/month. This comes after 20 years of fighting for an increase including a joint task force and hundreds of members telling their story. We have been fighting for the implementation of


Bargaining Unit 3 – Update
Professional Educators and Librarians

These past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. Not knowing what you are going to do tomorrow due to the daily changes can be challenging. I want everyone to know our first priority is the health and safety of all of our represented employees and that your job stewards have been working hard to keep up with the constant changes and ensure that management follows the new working conditions. I, your BUNC, and all the Unit 3 stewards have been working hard to ensure that at each facility the policies coming out of Sacramento are being followed so as to reduce possible transmittal of the COVID-19.