Unit 17: Registered Nurses


Unit 17
Registered Nurses

Unit 17 includes registered nurses who work in California prisons, veteran’s homes, developmental centers, mental health hospitals, departments of healthcare services and public health, special schools and other departments that serve Californians.


Member in need
Ms. Leticia Egan

Date Received: Jan 8, 2021

Member Name: Leticia Egan, Registered Nurse at California State Prison – Los Angeles

Department: California State Prison – Los Angeles

Reason: She has battled cancer for years now and just returned to work the beginning of January. On January 8, she was a victim of domestic violence and is hospitalized once again. Unfortunately, due to her previous medical issues, she has exhausted all of her leave credits.

To donate: CDCR CCHCS employees may fill out the Catastrophic Leave Time Bank Donation Authorization Form (CDC 869) and submitted it to their Personnel Office.  State employees in other departments who wish to donate should contact their own Personnel Office for the appropriate procedure.

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Statewide CDCR CCHCS Health & Safety Grievance
SEIU Local 1000 filed a health and safety grievance on behalf of all members in CDCR/CCHCS due to the department’s violation of our contract.

On July 28, 2020 SEIU Local 1000 filed a health and safety grievance on behalf of all members in CDCR/CCHCS due to the department’s violation of our contract.

CDCR CCHCS violated our contract by requiring employees to work where an immediate and recognizable threat exists to their health and safety. The department also continues to expose our members to an unsafe work environment, resulting in COVID-19 outbreaks, by continuing to allow inmate movement and not fully enforcing all health and safety guidelines.

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BU 17 – Registered Nurses
Update as of April 27, 2020

The health of our staff is paramount, and our Union continues to address concerns from our members, given CDPH’s critical role in this crisis. We have made it clear that the state is required to provide employees a healthy and safe workplace, and they should not put the health of essential workers in jeopardy. Our Union raised the following questions after members from the SFDO raised concerns.

Below are the latest responses we’ve received from Management:

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Nurses Alliance Webinar
Saturday, April 18, 2020

Learn about how California’s Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) standard protects us from the novel COVID-19 Virus.

In 2009, a new California occupational health standard was adopted to protect nurses and other healthcare workers from infectious agents such as tuberculosis, measles, and pandemic flu, as well as novel diseases such as COVID-19. The Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) Standard is an enforceable regulation that applies in healthcare, corrections, and other high-risk environments. 

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Bilingual Differential Increase Implementation

For the first time in 42 years, we were able to increase the Bilingual Pay Differential to $200/month. This comes after 20 years of fighting for an increase including a joint task force and hundreds of members telling their story. We have been fighting for the implementation of

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Bargaining Unit 17 – Update
Health Facility Evaluator Nurses

Update as of April 6, 2020

We know that you are in a fluid emergency situation, and we thank you for the hard work and sacrifices you make on a daily basis to care for California. We are continuing to advocate for you with the Department about issues that are changing almost daily. We wanted to update you on conversations we have had with the department on PPE and working weekends.  Below are some of the updates we wanted to share with you.