October 21, 2020


Making a Difference by Making Calls, Texts

This election is a watershed moment for our democracy, as voters are asked to vote on the future of our state and our nation. Local 1000 members have joined the fight by participating in phone banks, texting voters, and volunteering their time to help ensure that the future of our democracy is one in which we can all participate.


California Ballot Propositions 15, 16, 22, and 25

This year voters head to the polls ready to fight for social and economic justice for all Californians. Local 1000 members who have been a part of that fight now face another choice, as the state considers four major ballot measures that address the COVID-19 pandemic and the systemic failures it has highlighted this year.

Proposition 15


Member Political Leader Reminds Voters to Educate Themselves, Vote Early, and be Safe!

The most important election in a generation is comprised of opportunities as well as challenges, and Local 1000 Member Political Organizer Doryce “Cabby” Caballero is doing double duty in getting out the vote: educating members about the issues along with how to cast and deliver their ballots.

Unofficial ballot boxes are just one example, say Cabby. “During phone banking, I’ve had voters tell me about the gray boxes placed by the Republican party—often at churches—that are not official and don’t have any guarantee of reliable collection or even being counted.”


Community Power Team Sets Coat Drive for November 14

Building stronger communities is a Local 1000 value, and we work every day to build the power necessary to achieve a good life for all Californians. 

As a prime example of our continuing effort to improve the quality of life for each of us, the Local 1000 Community Power Team will be holding a coat drive on Saturday, November 14.


Local 1000 NextGen Committee Offers Financial Planning Presentation

Planning a financial future as a working family can be a daunting task. With so many variables it’s important for us to educate ourselves about options to choose now that can make a difference later.

Please join Local 1000’s NextGen Committee for “Financial Empowerment: Building a Stable Financial Table,” on Thursday, October 29, at 6:00 p.m.