Share your story and tell the State we need a fair and equitable contract

Article Published on January 6, 2023

Our Contract—the document that governs our wages, working conditions, and benefits—expires on June 30, just a little more than six months away. Already, our bargaining teams are focused on the upcoming negotiations and building a stronger membership.

One of our most powerful bargaining tools are member stories, personal accounts of how a good contract will impact your life and your family.

We are not line items on a spreadsheet! Stand up and tell the State your story

When it comes to contract negotiations, nothing impacts the State more than hearing from hard-working employees who are still struggling to get by.

In past bargaining sessions, Local 1000’s negotiating team has used video recordings, personal letters, and photos to show the State that we are not just numbers on a spreadsheet, but vital employees who make California work … yet, California isn’t working for us in way of fair wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions.

Help us win a good contract that’s fair for everybody!

There are two ways you can participate:

Email your story to, describing what you do for the State, and what a good contract means to you.

Schedule an interview with Local 1000 Communications. Send your name, phone number, email address and where you live to and we’ll contact you at your convenience.