FTB Notices of Return to Office, Telework and COVID Prevention Plan
Meet and Confer Update


On Thursday, August 25, 2022, our Union met with The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) to meet and confer on FTB’s notice of the updated Telework Policy, the most recent update to the Return to Office Plan and update to the COVID Prevention Policy. This meeting is one of many meet and confers we’ve had starting in 2021 - particularly on the Return to Office Plan and Telework.

The next phase of the Return to Office Plan is presently set to begin October 31, 2022 where FTB employees who are currently teleworking and in the office one (1) day a week will be required to be in the office a total of two (2) days a week. 

At this meeting FTB confirmed for us probationary employees are not automatically ineligible to telework and this is not an adequate reason for a supervisor to deny an employee’s request to telework. 

We also learned there are clear Plexiglass extenders on order to extend the cubicles for employees working in the Receiving Division and any other areas with low walled cubicles. The extenders are unfortunately currently delayed due to supply chain issues.  

Our Union continues to push for FTB to prioritize employees’ health and safety above all other factors and encourages all FTB employees who believe are eligible to telework to request to do so. 

Our Union will continue to meet with FTB on these issues. If you are concerned about you and your co-workers health and safety in returning to the office and/or how FTB is equipping employees to telework then please contact the SEIU Local 1000 Member Resource Center- 866.471.7348 (SEIU). You can also reach out to your respective bargaining unit leadership by emailing unit1@seiu1000.orgunit4@seiu1000.orgunit14@seiu1000.org