CCC Closure Mitigation Team Holds First Meeting with State


Local 1000’s Contract Department held its first meeting with CDCR regarding the June 30, 2023, closure of the California Correctional Center in Susanville. We gathered information that will help create the proposals our team will present regarding the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) at our next meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, October 17.

Our team’s goal is to reduce the impact on our represented employees at both CCC and High Desert State Prison equally. We shared our belief with CDCR management that with hard work and innovative thinking the closure can be carried out in a way that retains the majority of the staff represented by SEIU Local 1000. 

VTP is the first phase of the closure and can reduce the impact felt by employees throughout the DLC by offering the opportunity for prison workers to voluntarily fill vacancies in other areas of the state, further helping mitigate the effects on those who cannot relocate.  

We learned that department management recognizes that the closure of CCC has a real impact on all CDCR staff in Lassen County, and has committed to finding ways to retain staff despite the closure. 

Our union team is working hard to identify possible solutions to support employees that choose to participate in the VTP, including looking for ways for employees to transfer into vacancies without relocation.

More details about the solutions we’re working to develop will be shared as they are finalized in subsequent meetings. Our next bargaining session is Monday, October 17, and relevant news will be posted to this web page as well as emailed to impacted employees.

You can direct any questions, concerns, or ideas to the team at