Highlights from the June Board of Directors Meeting


A new budget, revised union leave, and the elimination of officer stipends were among the highlights of the June 11-13, 2022, meeting of the SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors.

The board is comprised of 65 member-elected Union leaders: 51 District Labor Council Presidents, 10 Bargaining Unit Chairs, and 4 elected statewide officers. Bill Hall, the president of District Labor Council 744, is the Board Chair.

Last weekend, Board members received extensive training that explained the different procedures used in Roberts Rules of Order, which applies to our meeting process, to ensure that all Board members can conduct themselves civilly and be respectful of others, especially when our viewpoints differ. The success of this training was clear as the Board members effectively utilized the structure and due process provided by Roberts Rules of Order throughout the weekend meeting.

With the guidance of our VP/Secretary-Treasurer David Jimenez and CFO Denye Versher, SEIU Local 1000 passed our budget with unanimous support. Our Board members came together to create a solid financial vision for our Union. This budget framework ensures us of going into bargaining with stable financial footing and a clear vision of how to best use our resources in this fight.

The Board voted to eliminate officer stipends and secure full-time Union Leave for the Board Chair and statewide officers. The motion passed by a vote of 37-12 with two abstentions. These stipend cost savings are an important part of our plan to maintain our fiscal security as we expand our work.

The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting is planned for September, 2022.