Agreement Reached to Mitigate the Impacts of CCC/Susanville Closure

Article Published on october 28, 2022

The SEIU Local 1000 Bargaining Team—made up of a number of directly impacted employees and the Bargaining Unit Chairs for those Units— have reached an agreement with the State outlining the process, eligibility and support that our represented employees will have if they choose to participate in the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) in advance of the June 20, 2023 closure of the California Correctional Facility (CCC) in Susanville.

We are still in negotiations as to the amount of the relocation support payment that SEIU Local 1000 represented employees will receive if they opt to relocate as part of the VTP. Throughout our negotiations, the State consistently has offered only $1,500 for this payment. Our Team believes that amount is not sufficient for the needs of impacted employees and is fighting for more money for those employees who choose to relocate.

Employees at both CCC and High Desert State Prison in most classifications will be eligible to participate in VTP. In addition to offering in-person, out-of-county vacancies being offered, vacancies in positions that can be performed by telework will also be offered.

Beyond these highlighted provisions, there are other employee rights secured in this agreement. We will be posting a signed copy of the agreement in the next few days.

VTP packets are due to be distributed on Monday, October 31, 2022, and employees will have until Friday, November 18, 2022, to return them.

This agreement goes a long way in protecting the rights of our represented employees and we are committed to continuing to fight for better support for our impacted employees throughout the entire process.

Learn more about the agreement by clicking here. As information becomes available, we’ll post it on this web page.

We will be holding informational sessions via Zoom on Wednesday November 2 and Friday, November 4, 2022. These meetings will be an opportunity to ask questions about the agreement, VTP, and any concerns about the closure generally. We encourage you to keep an eye on this web page for additional information about these meetings. Meeting information will also be sent out via email so we encourage you to sign up to receive these emails.

FAQ’s regarding this agreement will also posted to this page, and we encourage anyone who has further questions to contact