CDCR/CCHCS Members Receiving Support During Deactivations and Closures

Article published on january 27, 2023

A decreasing inmate population has fomented a number of changes in California’s prison facility landscape, affecting the jobs of some of our represented employees. SEIU Local 1000 is working closely with CDCR and CCHCS to mitigate the effects of a number of deactivations and closures underway across the state by providing resources to ease the transitions our members are facing.

Here are some recent highlights of advances we’ve made at California Correctional Facility in Lassen County and at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Stockton:

The agencies have sent letters to those participating in the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP), providing either 30 days or 45 days’ notice of their physical report date for their new position (the difference is based on distance relocated and which agreement is being followed; 45 days in Lassen and 30 days for DJJ).

VTP participants related to the CCC closure are entitled to up to 40 hours of ATO that they can use to facilitate their relocation. This letter outlines that they should work with their direct supervisor to secure that time. 

VTP participants related to the DJJ closure are entitled to use up to 32 hours of any available leave time to help with their relocation.

The letters also include a brief outline as to how the relocation stipend can be accessed through CalATERS. Amore detailed guide is forthcoming from the department with further details.

Generally, DJJ participants have a report date of February 27 and CCC participants have a report date of March 13

Affected employees should have already received a personal copy of the letter. You can read them online at