Congratulations to our Union Brother David Matanga for his Election Victory!

Article Published on november 18, 2022

Our SEIU Local 1000 Purpose Statement encourages us to create a better California and to pursue social, economic, and environmental justice. Our Members take action every day to make positive change in our workplace, at home, and in our communities.

Occasionally, our activists step up and go beyond their hard union work. Today, we’re celebrating our Brother David Matanga, a long-time Local 1000 member-leader who won election as the Montebello City Treasurer.

David represents DLC 706, working at the EDD Employment Tax Branch. He’s served his coworkers as a Job Steward, also holding several leadership positions on the DLC 706 EBoard, including a stint as DLC President.

He earned the endorsement of Local 1000 for his candidacy and reports that our vote of confidence “put me over the top” in the election.

In 2018, David was part of the first cohort of the LA County Federation of Labor’s Leadership Academy, which trains union members to run for various public offices, commissions and boards.  They learned to tell their stories, fundraise, form coalitions and mount campaigns. 

“My wife and I covered close to 2,500 doors in the campaign. When they heard I was a Union member, they supported me, no questions asked,” said Matanga.

Let’s all celebrate the victory, and use it as inspiration to step up in our own activism.