DMV Employees – Help Us Monitor the First Phase of Dayforce Timekeeping

Article published on October 28, 2022

Our Union Team has met with Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) management on several occasions regarding the planned implementation of the new Dayforce electronic timekeeping system, and while our discussions continue, the rollout of Phase 1 of the trial is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1.

Sacramento-area offices will be the first impacted.

Despite several meet and confers with DMV management, there are many questions that remained unanswered. The vigilance of our members in tracking and reporting the rollout will be invaluable as we continue to negotiate the impacts of a new system that will affect thousands of DMV employees represented by SEIU Local 1000.

Our Union is continuing to explore additional ways to escalate our response and push back on the Department’s implementation of this system. As we monitor this situation, we are asking for your help in keeping the Department accountable.

If your supervisor shares information or places expectations on you related to this system that contradict the information you have received, please let your Bargaining Unit Chair, DLC President or URC rep know so that we can lift it up to the Department. We also encourage you to send your ongoing concerns to or

Additional updates will be provided as we receive more information from the Department.