Have You Taken the Bargaining Survey?

Article Published on February 24, 2023

What does a good contract mean to you? Fill out a bargaining survey today!

“Bargaining surveys are a vital step for every member to take as we work to build power and to win a contract” – Irene Green, Vice President for Bargaining

As we prepare for bargaining a new contract in the coming months, bargaining surveys will help SEIU Local 1000 better understand and address the priorities of our membership and all represented employees.

We’ve created a comprehensive survey that encourages and counts your input on issues that affect all of us: wages, benefits and working conditions. At the same time, you’ll be able to answer questions and make comments that are specific to your individual bargaining unit and job classification. 

Members are identifying a general salary increase, healthcare stipends, retirement security, and essential worker pay as their priorities. They’re concerned about workloads, workplace health and safety, and job security.

Thousands of members have already shared their priorities by completing the survey, but that’s not enough. What are your priorities?

Click here to take the survey.

Local 1000 research analysts and the 60+ members of our member-elected Bargaining Team will review answers submitted on each survey. Bargaining priorities for negotiations will be based on members’ input. Your ideas help identify common themes and issues as we build our strategy for upcoming negotiations.

While not every issue we identify through this inquiry will be a bargaining issue, the data will help shape how Local 1000 responds to the needs of our members using all of the tools and strategies that are available to the Union, including organizing and representation. 

The survey will only be available until early March, and your input is critical as we develop bargaining guidelines and priorities. 

Click here to take the survey.

If you are not a member of our Union, you will be prompted to sign up when you log in to the survey.

Thank you again for your insights, input, and participation.