Join Us at the “Stand with State Workers Rally” on June 8

Article Published on June 2, 2023

SEIU Local 1000 members, who have spent years at the critical work of keeping our state running and keeping Californians healthy, safe, and strong, are the foundation of California’s public services. Our members serve the public for many reasons and in many ways, but all of us want to see our state, its people, and our communities thrive.

How can we serve the State of California if the government of California will not support us?

According to a 2023 study by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, the state pays more than 68,000 state workers’ wages so low that they can’t afford to support a family of two. More than a third do not earn enough to support a family of four even with a working partner who earns the same salary.

Those who do make enough to support themselves, they still deal with the repercussions of the state’s neglect. Low wages drive state workers away because they cannot afford to live, creating a vacancy crisis for the workers who remain. As a result, the average vacancy rate for departments is 25%. 

The State is helping to create the very problems that it claims it wants to solve. We are united together in our union to demand better.

Thursday, June 8, we will be meeting at the Capitol Rose Garden in Sacramento and marching together to the Governor’s Mansion, where we will make our demands for respect, protection, and fair pay on the job. We cannot wait any longer while the State delays action on this issue.

As state workers and union members, we’re committed to serving California, but our employer has made it increasingly difficult to work in the state we serve. We can win a good contract when we all stand together, voicing our demands directly to the leaders who need to hear them.

What:              Stand with State Workers Rally
When:             Thursday, June 8, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where:            Meet at the Capitol Rose Garden in Sacramento and march to the Governor’s    Mansion

We will have food, music, a kid’s booth, Union member speakers, and other activities at this event. We hope to see you there standing with your union siblings as we fight to make California a better place for us all.