July 7th update from SEIU Local 1000 bargaining team

Article Published on July 7, 2023

Our bargaining team met with the State today, exchanging a number of proposals and counterproposals. We were able to reach a tentative agreement on one contract section —
24.3 – Continuous Appropriations — which maintains our salaries and benefits in the case of
an untimely budget.  

Realizing that economics is the top priority of our represented employees, both Local 1000 leadership and the bargaining team are working to evaluate the next steps we’ll take to achieve a good result. Those steps will include a bargaining strategy, continued media coverage, conversations with California’s lawmakers, and most important: escalating actions in the field.

Californians expect the vital services we provide every day, yet, the State has so far been unwilling to invest in the workers who deliver those services. We’re working to change that, and the Sacramento Bee published this article today that underscores our need for a living wage.

As we work on the economic issues, we will continue to bargain with the State at the master table or at unit-specific tables on a near-daily basis to complete the task of negotiating over literally hundreds of contract articles. We’ll be emailing and posting recaps from the master table and unit-specific tables each time we meet.

An important note about taking action in support of the bargaining team.

As we work on creating the next wave of actions to support the bargaining team, it’s important to understand the consequences of unsanctioned and unapproved activity.

We’ve received emails and social media posts calling for a strike or other unsanctioned actions that could lead to unintended consequences for our represented employees. We are not at that moment.

You should continue to participate in Local 1000’s authorized events but only those sponsored by the Union. Join us in productive actions that resonate with the State as we continue to negotiate with the State to reach an agreement.

Unapproved actions, even calling for them, can have an adverse impact and truly harm our efforts to win a contract.

You’ll find the latest information about upcoming actions at our Contract Action Center.