Listening to and Engaging our Members in 2022

Article Published on July 22, 2022

Over the last two years, state workers and the communities we live and work in have faced historic changes that have impacted all of our lives. Our resiliency has been tested, as simply enjoying all the wonders California has to offer has been more difficult to achieve. As we get ready to launch our membership campaign and prepare for bargaining a new contract next year, any opportunity to hear from and listen to our members about how their experiences with the pandemic, cuts in compensation, remote work, and other changes to their day-to-day lives and community will help Local 1000 better understand and address the priorities of our membership and all represented employees.  

The information we receive from this listening survey will help the Union get a better sense of the issues that are impacting each of us on a daily basis. While not every issue we identify through this inquiry will be a bargaining issue, the data will help shape how Local 1000 responds to the needs of our members using all of the tools and strategies that are available to the Union, including organizing and representation. 

Please take a few minutes to share your experiences from the last 12 months with us.

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