Local 1000 Leadership News from Board Chair Bill Hall

Article Published on July 15, 2022

Last week at SEIU Local 1000 we continued to develop programs that build our union power and prepare us for bargaining.

Membership and Contract Campaigns

  • Tuesday and Wednesday were dominated by one-on-one meetings with SEIU Local 1000 department directors.  Myself, alongside the three Vice Presidents and leadership from the International, met with each department head to discuss their role in our membership and contract campaigns. We are ensuring that each department is able to fully contribute to both of our ongoing campaigns.
  • Thursday, I met with staff leadership, including all department heads, the three VPs and Strategic Campaign group, along with support staff from SEIU International, to continue our discussions on campaign strategy, planning, and execution.

External Communications

  • Thursday, I met with Communications to discuss and plan an informational Board Meeting for the evening of Monday, July 18, where we will share progress on the Membership Campaign with the Board. The Board’s support and feedback will be invaluable as we build support across the state for our new membership goals and plans for our Contract Campaign.
  • On Friday I participated in an engaging two hour “Ask Me Anything” interview for the California State Workers Subreddit.

On a separate note, I also wanted to touch on why we’re placing so much emphasis on membership. If you happened to read Wednesday afternoon’s Sacramento Bee, you know:

  • Inflation is raging at a record-setting 9% clip. Gasoline remains around $6 per gallon. And economists are predicting a recession.
  • Meanwhile, the respected Legislative Analyst’s Office is telling the Administration that it will be difficult to recruit and retain state employees while inflation is increasing.

Our brothers and sisters in other state employee unions representing state scientists, firefighters, attorneys, and engineers, are gunning for major increases in salaries and benefits in their contracts.

As the State’s largest public sector workers union, we will lead the fight to win a fair contract. But membership percentages play a crucial role. The higher our numbers, the more power we have to aggressively negotiate with the State to ensure we get our fair share of the State’s nearly $100 billion surplus.

Because, as we all know, California can’t work without state workers. 

Thank you for your input, your insights, and your support.






William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000