Local 1000 Plans Next Round of Actions

Article Published don July 21, 2023

SEIU Local 1000 members continue to escalate their actions at their worksites and in the streets against the State’s outrageous 2% per year counterproposal. Following up on our successful member-led events at CalHR, we will return to CalHR over the next week until the needs of every state worker are heard.

“We had an amazing event in front of CalHR,” said Ruth Ibarra, an employee at HCD and DLC 787 President. “People are ready to take action and fight back.”

Opportunities to join the fight continue next week, on July 25, 26, and 27t at the CalHR office (1810 16th Street, Sacramento) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Register for these rallies here.

“Don’t just come by yourself,” Ibarra said. “Bring somebody with you. Bring people from your office. The only way we win is if we show them that we mean business.”

Many participants who have never attended a union event before are joining our pickets and standing up to fight for their contracts. Renaldo Suarez, who works at the California Department of Social Services, joined his first rally with a homemade sign and a message for the State’s bargaining team.

 “I’m fed up with the State shortchanging us, and I’m here to put a stop to that,” he said. “This was my first event, so if you want to come too, I encourage you. We’re all state workers; we’re all fighting for the same thing. Come out here and support us.”

To attend these pickets, request the day off or join us on your break or lunch. As we continue to escalate the pressure on CalHR, we need to stand together. As the bargaining team works to achieve meaningful progress at the table, it’s important that we keep our focus on Union solidarity and strength building and ensuring that the State hears the voices of our workers. 

If you’re not a member, sign up today and join our fight for a fair contract that represents the needs of state workers.

With three events next week, we want the State to see the workers whose lives and communities depend on these contracts. For those who can’t join us in Sacramento, talk with your coworkers about committing to organizing an informational picket at your worksite! Informational pickets are a great way to boost visibility and show your support for a contract to management and the State during your break or before and after work.

After months at the table, your Local 1000 bargaining team continues to fight for the best contract for our workers that we can get. The most powerful tool we have is the force of a mobilized, energized, and active membership.

The fight to win everything state workers need will not be a short-term battle, and it will not end with this contract. The State needs to be moved from its disrespectful positions on our working conditions, our benefits, and our pay. To win, state workers need to stick together, and we need to keep fighting until everyone in our Union is respected, protected, and paid what they deserve.