Prison Closure Update: Local 1000 Continues to Mitigate Impact of Affected Employees

Article published on January 20, 2023

SEIU Local 1000’s Contract Department is working with our represented employees at Susanville’s California Correctional Center (CCC) to help them understand and work through the processes and procedures of the June 30, 2023 closure of that facility.

A key component of our efforts to mitigate impacts to our employees is the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP), which began last year. This process is currently ongoing, and employees who participated should contact their department to arrange payment of the relocation stipend.

CDCR employees at either CCC or High Desert State Prison who participated in VTP can reach out to the Staffing Solutions and Retention Office at via email or by calling (833) 545-2061. 

CCHCS employees at CCC or High Desert who participated in VTP can reach out to the Workforce Consolidation & Reduction Support Team at via email or by calling (877) 793-4473.

Local 1000’s efforts also resulted in the RN and LVN classifications at CCC being completely mitigated—meaning those employees won’t be impacted by the closure activity and will not be subject to bumping.

Keep informed about our efforts to support Susanville employees through the closure on the Local 1000 website.

News from the Folsom Women’s Facility

The deactivation of the Folsom Women’s Facility is nearly complete, and through the efforts of our Union, there was no major impact to our represented CDCR and CCHCS employees in Folsom related to the closure.

As California’s prison population continues to decline under court order, the State has announced a number of closures and deactivations for 2023 and the coming years. Protecting our represented employees jobs is a union priority, and we’ll continue to fight to mitigate the impact our members feel when these changes in the prison landscape occur.