Providing Real Representation for our Members is a Local 1000 Priority

Article published on december 9, 2022

Our contract contains hundreds of provisions that govern our wages, working conditions, and benefits. Those hard-won rights are protected and enforced by members and staff, including our frontline Job Stewards, our Member Resource Call Center, and our Union Resource Center.

If you have an issue or believe your rights are being violated, contact your workplace job steward and let’s work together to solve it. Here are some recent examples of members working with their Union to win!

WIN – Unpaid MSA Correction Delivers Back Pay, Interest

When a member’s rightfully-earned MSA went unpaid by the Department of Industrial Relations, our Union Resource Center was asked to help. Remarkably, the raise had gone unpaid despite the Department’s admission of the error. Even with the URC and the agency’s labor relations representative involved, the correction still took several months to resolve. At the end, our member received the correct salary, back pay, and interest.

WIN – Vacation Denial Reversed for Prison RN

One of our members—a Registered Nurse working at a SoCal prison—was recently denied a vacation request by her supervisor, who said “there are too many RN vacancies, sorry.” She engaged with her workplace job steward, who communicated with the prison’s labor relations representative. Local 1000 argued the denial was unreasonable, and during the conversation, the prison Nursing Director realized there was a spot available for our member. The denial was overturned and the vacation was allowed.

You can learn more about your rights and read your contract online – it’s searchable! – at

If you feel your rights are being violated, contact your local job steward, or Call the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348).