Real Representation: Contract Enforcement is a Union Priority

Article published on august 19, 2022

Our contract is a hard-won document that protects our wages, benefits, and working conditions, and also includes hundreds of articles that govern how we do our work, schedule our leaves, and interact with our supervisors.

When we stand up and stand together against violations of those rules, we receive the full benefit of the contract we all worked so hard to win.

WIN – Pay Discrepancy at Dept. of Industrial Relations

When one of our members received a recent promotion, he didn’t receive the adjusted pay he was expecting. After first attempting to deal with the issue with department management and the human resources department, he wasn’t getting any answers and didn’t feel that his problem was understood.

That all changed after reaching out to Local 1000. In quick succession, his Union representative took steps to contact the department and the problem was quickly resolved to our member’s satisfaction.

Are you facing pay issues (late or incorrect pay warrant?) Remember, you have rights under our contract.

Article 11.4 – Timely Payment of Wages governs how you get paid and what happens if something goes wrong. Read more about this hard-earned contract provision at

WIN – Out of Class Payment Made Good at Health and Human Services

Like many of our represented workers, one of our employees at HHS was assigned to COVID-19 contract tracing, a move from her regular position as a seasonal clerk.

She worked as a contract tracer for nearly a year, and as part of an agreement Local 1000 made with the State regarding pay for contract tracing assignments, our member was owed more than $7,000.

Our member contacted the Local 1000 Union Resource Center, who helped navigate the issue across three departments. In early summer, the past-due salary was deposited.

Article 14.2 Out-of-Classification Grievances and Position Allocation Hearing Process protects our workers from working beyond their classification and not getting paid commensurately.

Having a strong union means having the power to protect our rights and enforce our contract, and a powerful, mobile-friendly search tool allows our members easy-to-use access to the hundreds of contract articles that govern our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

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