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Article published on august 12, 2022

This week, we’re sharing thoughtful reads from a range of sources that help us understand the issues and ideas that shape our Union world.

Union-busting is a long-standing and ever-present challenge to the contributions made to working lives and our personal security. As workers at Amazon and Starbucks stand together for better representation, big business and conservative forces are fighting unionization. But the workers are pushing back, as we read in this article in The Intercept.

While the federal government is slow to adjust the federal minimum wage ($7.25 an hour!), some 30 states and the District of Columbia have set minimum wages at a level higher than federal law requires. Read this article in Capital and Main to learn why the federal minimum wage hasn’t been worth less in 66 years, and what’s being done about it.

SEIU Local 1000 Board Chair Bill Hall is making positive change in our union. You can learn more about Bill and what he thinks about his new role in this Sacramento News & Review article.

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