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Article Published on July 28, 2023

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has won a major contract that ‘changes the game’ for over 340,000 UPS workers nationwide. In addition to major increases in pay, the contract demolishes many of the restrictive work practices that have kept workers from advancing in their workplace and protect the safety of drivers on the job. This historic contract represents the years of organizing a committed membership and mobilizing that membership to victory.

From Hollywood all the way to the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento, union members are standing up for their rights and fighting for a fair contract. That includes SAG-AFTRA members striking to defend their jobs and industry from the short-sighted plans of corporate executives. Governor Newsom has shown his concern for the future of the California economy by offering to step in to help with negotiations. We congratulate him for doing so and invite him to show the same support for the workers he employs.