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Article Published on May 12, 2023

This week, we’re sharing thoughtful reads from a range of sources that help us understand the issues and ideas that shape our Union world.

  • Union dues are a tool for members to express their needs in the workplace and to support the work of representing their fellow workers. When members make this investment in their power at work, that comes back through good contracts and a wide range of union services. And when there is trust between unions and their members, employers lose their ability to divide and conquer.
  • When union nurses led the charge on minimum staffing requirements for California hospitals, they ensured that our state would have some of the best care in the country. California’s safe-staffing laws, in practice since 2005, have led to fewer patient deaths, less burnout, and higher retention rates among nurses than under policies in other states. Unions are now fighting to bring these policies to the entire country.