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Article published on June 2, 2023

This week, we’re sharing thoughtful reads from a range of sources that help us understand the issues and ideas that shape our Union world.

While the right-wing Supreme Court majority seeks to chip away at the protections afforded by unions in the workplace of Americans, the recent decision from the court does not impact our fundamental right to strike. When corporate interests push to have their views made into law, we will fight back as we always have, through the power of unity, solidarity, and strength in numbers.

Noncompete pacts, which restrict the rights of workers to freely choose their own employers after separating from another company or organization, have been recently called into question by the National Labor Relations Board. Outside of limited circumstances, these pacts are illegal, as the NLRB’s General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo showed how workers could view them as blocking their ability to quit or change jobs and interfering with their ability to improve their working conditions.