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Article Published on June 30, 2023

As the Teamsters sit down with UPS to negotiate a contract for over 300,000 represented workers, tensions have been high. As deadlines come and UPS holds out on a serious counteroffer to the union’s demands, the Teamsters have held strong at the table. While they prepared for a strike, their leadership returned to the table to continue discussions. A strike is a powerful tool for working people everywhere, and in order to use it most effectively, strategic decisions must be made to ensure that members can maximize their impact on their employer.

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Following their union siblings in the Writing Guild of America (WGA), the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) are preparing for a contract fight of their own. The contract representing over 150,000 union members is set to expire Friday evening. If the union does vote to strike, they will be taking action alongside several other major unions across California as some of the most visible and publicly influential union members in the country will be rallying for respect in their workplaces.

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