Relief is on the Way Thanks to the California Mortgage Relief Program

Article published on may 26, 2023

Many of our fellow state workers have pursued a career in public service to find the stability and security they needed to build a life in California. But with housing costs out of control and the economic impacts of COVID-19 still felt by state workers, many of us need support wherever we can find it.

State workers can take advantage of $1 billion in relief funds available to eligible California homeowners. The California Mortgage Relief Program is funded by the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act’s Homeowners Assistance Fund.

These grants have already been awarded to thousands of homeowners in response to growing mortgage burdens related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, these relief funds do not have to be paid back and the program application is free.

As a homeowner, you may be eligible if you fulfill one of these eligibility requirements:

  • Missed at least two payments on their primary mortgage and are currently past due; or
  • Owe for unpaid property taxes (whether paid directly to their county or as part of your mortgage payment); or
  • Have a reverse mortgage and owe their servicer for past due property tax and/or insurance; or
  • Have a partial claim or loan deferral.

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Household income is at or below the county income limit (150% of their county’s Area Median Income, based on federal limits set for this program);
  • Own and live in a single-family home, condo, permanently affixed manufactured home, or property with up to four units; and
  • Experienced a pandemic-related financial hardship after Jan. 21, 2020 – either a loss of income or increase in household expenses.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this program to help you get your finances back on track, visit today. 

Additionally, the non-profit Ring of Democracy, an organization partnering with the efforts of the California Mortgage Relief Program, can provide help through in-person and virtual application assistance. Contact them at for more information on assistance they can provide.