Share your story and tell the State we need a fair and equitable contract

Article published on december 2, 2022

As we continue working toward negotiating a new contract with the State, telling the stories of members like yourself remains a crucial part. And we need your help.

When it comes to Contract negotiations, nothing impacts the State more than hearing from full-time employees struggling to get by. They’re fighting inflation, and demanding wage increases and Essential Worker Pay, like our member, Diana Barela:

“I have been a member of SEIU 1000 since 2015.”

“I was in Bargaining Unit 4 as an Office Technician during the pandemic throughout 2020, working under nursing at a health care facility. Our area was not able to telework so I ended up getting very sick from Covid-19. Instead of receiving hazard pay, the State cut our wages. I also know of at least one employee who passed away due to Covid-19. It was a very anxious time, full of uncertainty.”

“In 2022, I began working as a Management Services Technician under Bargaining Unit 1. The cost-of-living has continuously increased since 2015. Housing has more than doubled and I had to get a second job to keep up with all the expenses.” 

“Essential worker pay would allow me to pay off debt, save money, foster-to-adopt children, and spend quality time with them.”

Stand Up and Tell the State Your Story!

In past bargaining sessions, Local 1000’s negotiating team has used video recordings, personal letters, and photos to show the State that we are not just numbers on a spreadsheet. We are the vital employees who make California work! Despite this fact, California isn’t working for us in terms of fair wages, good benefits, or safe working conditions.

So, if you’re suffering and searching for ways you can help get a better Contract for yourself and your union sisters and brothers, send your name, phone number, email address, and where you live to and we’ll set up an interview.