Statewide Bargaining Team Focuses on Engaging Members to Support Negotiations

Article Published on March 13, 2023

With contract negotiations coming in April, building strong support in the workplace was a focus of the Feb. 25 and 26 meeting of the Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council (SBAC).

Membership is key to winning a good contract, and when we go to the bargaining table, it’s important to have a membership roster that’s as big as possible. It sends the strongest possible message to state negotiators that we are “all in” for a good contract, one that values our contribution to California.

The team discussed strategies to increase participation in the remaining Bargaining Town Halls, and the online Bargaining Survey. They also worked on ways to continue building membership and encouraging members to take action in the workplace.

Some early results of input from the Town Halls and the Surveys was shared with the group; this input will help to formulate priorities by illustrating what members say they want in a new contract.

On Sunday, the teams who negotiate for the 9 bargaining units Local 1000 represents met in individual breakouts to continue developing strategies for negotiations with the State in the spring. 

The Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council is comprised of more than 100 member- elected bargaining representatives from up and down California—including the 60-plus members who negotiate our contract with the State. They meet regularly develop strategies for bargaining and to understand and respond to issues that affect our lives at work and at home.