Your Recent Pay Raise was Achieved Through the Power of Membership, Not CalHR!

Article Published on August 12, 2022

Recently, Local 1000-represented employees (in eligible classifications) received their first paycheck reflecting a 2.5% General Salary Increase (GSI).

The power of membership made this happen. But state agencies, including EDD, have recently sent memos to their employees saying that CalHR “approved” a general salary increase. And that’s wrong.

The contract was negotiated—with CalHR as the state’s bargaining representative—by a member-elected Local 1000 bargaining team. Members in workplaces across the state stood up and stood together to support their bargaining team and win a great contract.

So, if you’ve received a memo from management lately that credits CalHR for the raise without any reference to SEIU Local 1000 or its members, remember that YOU helped win that raise.

It was a great contract: This is the third GSI increase we won in our current contract. Overall, our Bargaining Team negotiated a 7% increase for our represented members in a contract that included a number of significant advances:

These include:

  • Greater access to quality, affordable health care with a $260 monthly stipend for every represented employee who has a CalPERS plan.
  • An increase in livable wages, guaranteeing that our represented employees would earn a minimum of $15/hr.
  • Thousands of our members also received Special Salary Adjustments and Classification differentials in recognition of the roles they play in achieving the State’s mission. We won differentials for call center and bilingual workers, too.

Our Bargaining Team is already working on plans and strategies for our next great contract, and, as before, support in the workplace from workers across the state will make the difference.

If you’d like to know more about our contract, use the online, mobile-friendly contract search tool at