We recently learned from CCHCS that they have expanded their In-County mitigation process related to the closure of CAC to include employees in the LVN classification. Inclusion of LVNs in this process means that the LVN classification will not be part of the layoff process when CAC closes as there are enough vacancies in Kern County for impacted LVNs to fill so all impacted LVNs will be placed at a different facility in Kern County.

In addition to the CAC closure, the Department also will be transferring LVNs from Wasco in response to a change in position numbers in this year’s budget. LVNs at Wasco have been provided the same paperwork as LVNs impacted from CAC.

The In-County mitigation process was established as a direct result of pressure that our Union put on the Department during negotiations on the earlier phase of the CAC closure. Generally the Department makes placement decisions without any input from any of the impacted employees. The current process will allow impacted employees to note their preferences for placement from among the list of vacancies. Placement will then be made based upon seniority.

Employees who do not participate will still be transferred to an open position at a different facility in Kern County. To that end, we highly encourage all impacted employees to participate in this process as it is an employee’s chance to offer input into the course of their career.

We will keep you updated as we work with CDCR and CCHCS throughout this closure process. Our web page will be updated regularly, and you can submit questions you may have to CACClosure@seiu1000.org