Local 1000 representation led to two Unit 11 workers receiving thousands of dollars in back pay after the union forced the state to correct errors in wages and benefit deductions.

“These wins are another example of the contract enforcement efforts Local 1000 provides to all members,” said Tamekia N. Robinson, Local 1000 vice president for organizing and representation. “Even bureaucratic mistakes cost members the money they’ve earned, and we’re here to help.”

Caltrans differential win

Sometimes a member has a problem that seems simple, but the bureaucracy of state government is just too much to take on alone. That’s when union representation is crucial. She Vang, a Caltrans employee working as a Transportation Engineering Technician (TET) at the DOT in Sacramento, had just such a problem: He was due a $636 pay differential for earning a civil engineering degree from California State University Sacramento, but an oversight prevented him from receiving the increase in pay. He came to his union, and Local 1000 stewards, representatives, lawyers and other staff mobilized. We filed a grievance on Vang’s behalf and negotiated a settlement agreement. Vang, who has since been promoted, received $2,756 in back pay.

TET differential pay has been a topic of discussion at the Unit 11 Joint Labor Management Council meetings with the state, and the Unit 11 bargaining team has targeted the issue for clarification in our next contract.

Department of Fish and Wildlife benefits fix

Beau Jones, a seasonal employee with the Department of Fish and Wildlife who formerly worked as a firefighter, canceled his health plan in July 2014 but still found deductions for the plan in his paycheck. He came to Local 1000 and we contacted the State Controller’s Office (SCO). Working in close collaboration with the SCO as well as the Fish and Wildlife Labor Relations Office, Local 1000  secured a reimbursement of Jones’ health premiums for the months of June and July 2014 amounting to $1,073.41.

Real representation can add up

With a workforce as large and spread out as California’s, oversights are bound to happen. Wage miscalculation and errors in payroll deductions can cost members real money. “Contract enforcement and real representation are core values for Local 1000,” said Robinson. “We are here to stand up for our members whenever they need us.”