I’m pleased to report progress on a number of strategic initiatives to advance our membership and to build the strength of our Union, along with leadership discussions focused on the responsible management of members’ dues.


  • This week we have been focused on developing an overall vision for our SEIU Local 1000 member recruitment program and the role of our new Strategic Campaign Department in our efforts to expand our work.
  • We met with our Strategic Campaign Department with a large group, including the Statewide officers, our International support staff, and Local 1000 staff from the New Member Orientation Program, Contracts, Communications, and the URC. Our discussions focused on defining the issues. Strategic discussions focused on how we will approach the limited and poor-quality information on new hires provided by the State to Local 1000.
  • Additionally, we discussed how we move forward with enforcement of AB119, a bill signed by Gavin Newsom in 2017, which requires public employers like the State to provide union representatives access to new employees during their orientations.

Strategic Campaigns

  • In the last few weeks, we have received many questions about the Wednesday Organizing Outreach Program. Ahjamu Umi, our longtime organizer, is now assigned as staff with our Strategic Campaigns Department, which will coordinate our member outreach and organizing goals.
  • To support this new work, we are taking and reviewing applications for organizers in the Sacramento area, a total of 6. We will be building the program beginning in July with members on union leave focusing on new member organizing. We have had discussions this week with several members who will be off full time to oversee the Member Organizing Program.  


  • I attended a Communications meeting on Wednesday evening, focusing on how we can continue to deepen our engagement with our membership in various ways.
  • We discussed future programs and messaging, videos and interviews with members across the state and a timeline to continue our Reddit “Ask Me Anything” interviews.


  • This week we met to discuss rules surrounding the use of our funds and rules surrounding their spending. Our intent is grounded in ensuring the responsible use of our members’ dues.
  • As part of these discussions, our Executive Committee worked on establishing rules and policies relating to the accountable use of union leave.

Thank you for your support.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000